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Lil BUB Kicks Amy Sedaris' Ass in Charades

I don't know whether Amy Sedaris or Lil Bub won this round of charades (I know for certain that it wasn't that bunny; you're not going to win charades just laying there, rabbit!!!), but we're all winners for having been able to witness this epic game. Next time I'm playing charades, everyone bring your pets. (This is not an empty threat, charades is my favorite game.)


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Steve Is Here!

Hello Mark Shrayber! Steve is generally not a fan of threats, but in this case hopes you come through on yours!

Steve would also like to mention the following:

1. We are all winners regardless of having seen this video or not! Some of us just may have to search inside a bit more to find the winning, but it's there!

2. Steve's favorite game is Clue! Jr.!

3. Steve believes that the bunny may just have won that round!