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Lil Bub & Andrew WK Ask You to Donate to Your Local Animal Shelter This Holiday Season

It should come as no surprise that two entities as joyful and positive as Andrew WK and Lil Bub coming together for a good cause would create even more joy and positivity, but you might still be taken aback by just how heartwarming it is when it finally happens. Thanks to Vice, the pair have united to ask that you use a little of you financial resources this holiday season to donate to your local animal shelter. You know how it goes — when Lil Bub says jump, you say how high.


Lil Bub and Andrew WK's Special Holiday Message [Vice]

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Good on them. I can't go into PetSmart (PetsMart?) anymore because, when they ask if you'd like to donate to animal charities, if they had a "whole paycheck" button, I'd be pushing that real quick between repetitions of *sob* must rescue kitties!! *sob*. Also, can't look at adoptable animals. Makes me has a sad.