PETA's scientists have been hard at work creating new and sensational ways to get you to fear meat and dairy. While I agree that a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle is an excellent choice, spreading fear and false information is not the way to gain converts. It's dishonest at best and dangerous at worst. And this ad, which parodies the "got milk" commercials of the 90s is just honestly disgusting.

While there's no one known cause of autism, it's unlikely that dairy has much to do with either its development or the disorder worsening. On their informational website, PETA claims that studies have been done that show there's a link between dairy and autism, but both the studies they cite are incredibly small and are not conclusive. In fact, researchers are concerned that anyone is taking this ad seriously.

From IFL Science:

Dr Emma Burrows, an autism researcher at The Florey, Australia's largest neuroscience institute, expressed concern about the statement. "The balance of evidence suggests that this link does not deserve any media attention," said Burrows. "This is just adding to the multitude of conflicting and bewildering recommendations that parents of children with autism have to sift through."

But you know, you keep doing you, PETA. Lying to the public and especially to parents who are probably already worried, scared, and confused about their children's condition? Doing god's work right there. Keep it up! What would Alicia Silverstone say? (True story: I was once disciplined at an animal rights organization I worked at for calling PETA and demanding to speak to Alicia.) (They had caller ID.) (Sorry not sorry.)


Image via PETA

Ht: Gella