Like 'Redbook', L'Oréal Loves The Phrase 'Industry Standards'

Illustration for article titled Like 'Redbook', L'Oréal Loves The Phrase 'Industry Standards'

Okay boys and girls, what do we do when we hear the word phrase of the day? We scream REAL loud!

Until now, regulators have voiced few objections to the use of cosmetic fakery in advertisements, and the techniques used by L'Oréal are standard in the industry.


[screaming] Yup, this latest bout of gross rationalization vis-a-vis a little "industry standards" is in regards to the outing of L'Oreal for using fake eyelashes in a mascara commercial featuring Penelope Cruz. But the advertising community is having none of industry regulators' scorn.

'Every actress in Hollywood has got eyelash extensions,' one source in the ad industry said. 'The thought that any model would appear on TV without cosmetic enhancement is rubbish.'

Yeah, and after all, what's a few falsies compared to the addition of an entire arm?

Adverstising Watchdog In A Flutter Over L'Oreal's Fake Eyelashes [Times of London]
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Why can't the industry act on what people suggest? I get messages from the media all the time, saying that they've "passed the message on to the right people" or that they'll "look into it" whenever I send them messages about my blog and/or suggestions about promoting designers who are "non-standard."