Like Putting Make-Up On A Pig

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  • Despite a little wave in the direction of potential independent women voters earlier this year, anti-abortion Republicans feel much better today that McCain is fooling independents and not them about his position on abortion. Of course, he also talked about how he wouldn't have nominated the 4 liberal justices on the Supreme Court despite having voted to confirm all of them but Stephens (nominated before McCain took office), but, details, people.[Time]
  • Another juicy tidbit: McCain thinks the dividing line between the middle and the "upper" class is $5 million in yearly income. But it doesn't matter because he's not going to raise anyone's taxes, and especially not yours! [Politico]
  • In other laughable news, the Republican National Convention is "going green" by putting out a whole 300 recycling bins and loaning out 1,000 bicycles to convention goers. That should be quite a sight to see. [Politico]
  • Bob Remer, a Clinton delegate from Illinois, is trying to kill the caucus systems in the states that have them, but it totally has nothing to do with Clinton failing to get the nomination. He's really concerned about those people in Nevada, damn it! Even if they, you know, like their system fine the way it is. [HuffPo]
  • The Amethyst Initiative is recruiting college presidents and calling on lawmakers to reduce the drinking age to 18 from 21. They rightly note that college kids all drink anyway, but MADD and their supporters say that colleges could totes eliminate underage drinking if they really tried. It's worked so well all these years, after all [Boston Globe]
  • People in Pakistan are celebrating the resignation of President Pervez "Uncle Pervy" Musharraf today. Instead of two peace signs, he raised his fists. That seems about right for him. [LA Times]




Yeah, that sounds like wanting sympathy for living above their means or whatever it is people do with that kind of money that gets them into financial issues. Because otherwise that's not a hard income to live on comfortably.

But it seems like it's about what people with those incomes think they need. I know I could live well within my means with that because I wouldn't need a big house, cars, or rack up giant credit card bills. But a lot of folks feel a need to keep up with "lifestyle maintenance"...which makes no sense to me. Who cares what your neighbors own? Just because you have a larger income doesn't actually mean you need to spend it all.

I mean sure, they can do what they want. But I can't see it as the same hardship as trying to support a family on less than 20k a year like many people in this country.

Besides, 250K isn't rich if you're comparing yourself to someone who makes 500K or a million or more. But it's plenty rich to the aforementioned 20k a year person.