Like Ice Cream? Then You'll Love These Delicious Beaver Anal Glands

Deep down, we all know that there are, shall we say, unsavory ingredients in many of the foods we so love to eat. (I am looking at you, Mr. McRib). But these past few weeks have been kind to our ability to maintain the illusion that what we eat is not filled with hair and bugs and spare animal parts. First, there was the uproar over pink slime in our burgers. Then the vegans got pissed and started telling us about all the ground up bugs in our Starbucks beverages. Well, now Business Insider has helpfully gathered some other super gross (but mostly harmless) things that we consume on a regular basis. The more you know, etc.


Some of them aren't that horrifying—like the sand in Wendy's chili or the lanolin (which is an oily substance from sheep's wool) in gum. But most of us won't be that thrilled about the fish bladders in our beer, the beaver anal glands in our ice cream (!), the maggots in our mushrooms, or any of the other extremely indigestion-inducing ingredients they've unearthed. Sure, they also warn you about the sawdust (aka cellulose) in shredded cheese, but don't listen. There's no reason to let a little wood get you down. Plus, have you ever seen cheese being made? That shit is disgusting even without cellulose. But who cares because it is some of the most delicious shit on the planet. In fact, even if cheese was made of 100% skunk armpits, no one would blame you if you went right on enjoying it.

11 Disgusting Ingredients You Eat Every Day That Food Companies Don't Talk About [Business Insider]


Image via viennetta/Shutterstock.

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