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Like Good Will Hunting 2, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's Divorce May Never Happen

Illustration for article titled Like iGood Will Hunting 2/i, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garners Divorce May Never Happen

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have spent the year since announcing their divorce disappointing us all by staying mostly mum about the matter and—in the rare instances they do discuss it—expressing their deep respect and love for each other. They even managed to squash the nanny scandal before she could tell all! Boring!


Well, now sources are telling Entertainment Tonight that Bennifer 2.5 are about to make their most boring move of all: they’re gonna make their marriage work.

“They still have not officially filed paperwork for a divorce,” a source tells ET, adding they “don’t know if that will ever happen.”

Affleck also recently referred to Garner as “his wife” in an interview on HBO. They’re “making it work,” the source notes about the pair.


Though I originally thought their boring behavior stemmed from a desire to make their children’s lives as normal and stress-free as possible (snooooooze alert!), it looks like they might actually be rekindling something!

Ugh, these two. Get your act together and do something bombastic!


The Lohans sent their close personal friends at TMZ a photo of Dina, lovingly referred to as White Oprah, smiling in a hospital bed. She has reportedly been suffering through a mystery illness that, TMZ assures us, isn’t gas.

They write:

Doctors couldn’t diagnose that initial pain, and we’re told now Dina’s aches have moved to her back and neck ... and it’s getting worse. She’s had several MRIs and CAT scans, but doctors are still baffled and Dina’s spent the last 6 nights in the hospital.


Like all of us, Dina is reportedly “upset about missing LiLo’s bday party in Greece.”


Only in New York City, baby!!!!

Illustration for article titled Like iGood Will Hunting 2/i, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garners Divorce May Never Happen

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the moment where I didn’t realize there was a black man cropped out of this picture and thought it was the hand of Jennifer Garner will surely be the best part of my day today.