Like A Good Republican, Nancy Reagan Wore Red

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  • An exhibit of Nancy Reagan's wardrobe? Fashion Week Daily titling its item on the exhibit "First Lady of Fashion"? Everyone knows that the First Lady of Fashion was a Democrat! Jacqueline Kennedy! [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Time to puke: Accessories designer Gina Alexander is creating a line of Jimi Hendrix tribute bags. [Vogue UK]
  • Further evidence of impending apocalypse: Portfolio fashion blogger Lauren Goldstein Crowe gives a shout-out to our Gawker brethren. [Portfolio]
  • But don't worry, then Goldstein Crowe swiftly slams both Halston designer Marco Zanini and the Halston brand itself, in all of, like, two sentences. [Portfolio]
  • Over at Macy's things look grim. Very, very grim. [New York Business]
  • Estee Lauder, however? Kicking some major ass! [Reuters]
  • J.C. Penney's is also doing pretty well. They credit lingerie and back-to-school sales. We think this is the most awkward combination ever. Unless you are Humbert Humbert. [WSJ]
  • Stupid-thing-that-we-really-want of the day: MAC limited edition blue nail polish. Ok or rather, we want the inevitable Cover Girl or Wet 'N Wild knock-off of the MAC limited edition blue nail polish. Same difference. [Coutorture]
  • Stupid-thing-that-we-think-is-really-stupid of the day: The sweater vest. And reports of its return. [FabSugar]

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The Macy's nearest my house used to be really decent. Then, they merged with Foley's/etc. and seem to have replaced their buyers with middle-aged ladies from Kansas. Macy's used to be a good place to buy staples for my work wardrobe. Now, I just go there to laugh at the frumpy trainwrecks they're shilling.