Lifetime movies are such a pop cultural touchstone that when you describe something as Lifetime movie-ish, people immediately know what you're talking about: a melodramatic situation involving a woman wronged (often maimed) and her subsequent redemption. Anyone who has ever seen and secretly enjoyed a Lifetime movie will be thrilled to read the very entertaining blog, Lifetime, Wow! They have a patented Lifetime movie rating system that evaluates the films in four different categories: Actual Awesomeness, Ironic Awesomeness, Hey! It's That Guy! inclusion, and finally Lifetimeness. On the Lifetimeness of the movie Lethal Vows, contributor Rusty writes, "This is the most Lifetimey movie I've ever seen. Women's intuition saves the day. There's a psychotic ex-husband on the loose. The friendly Assistant District Attorney prosecuting the murder and token nice male is black. It's quite incredible." Just like your blog!!! [Lifetime, Wow!]