Lifetime Movie Premiere Brings Out The Worst In Some Stars

The Lifetime movie The Memory Keeper's Daughter is based on the novel of the same name, which I never read but my friend did. Here's the premise: A doctor's wife has twins, one of whom has Down's Syndrome. The physician decides to send one of the babies away. A nurse discovers his plan and intervenes, "putting into motion events that will haunt the doc, his wife and his son for the next 20 years." The TV movie stars yummy, sexy, chiseled Dermot Mulroney, (pictured with co-star Krystal Nausbaum) as well as Gretchen Mol and Emily Watson; the red-carpet premiere, however, was decidedly B-List. Kelly Preston, Sharon Lawrence and some other folks, all in the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, after the jump.

The Good:


Wikipedia tells me that Jackie Zeman has been playing RN Barbara Jean "Bobbie" Spencer on General Hospital since 1977. Homegirl looks great. Love the color, the shoes, the necklace, everything. Go Nurse Spencer!

Sharon Lawrence looks classy. Sometimes it's nice to see wide-legged trousers.


Some of you probably think actress Danielle Panabaker shouldn't be wearing a silver knit mini-dress, but I think she looks cute so I'll allow it.


OMG you guys, Vitamin C! I totally interviewed her back in the day. Remember, she had a minor hit called "Smile"? Plus that graduation song. No idea why she is here or what she's been up to, but it's good to see her.

The Bad:


Ashley Benson played Abby Deveraux on Days Of Our Lives. While I like her dress in theory, it seems a smidge too tight at the bottom, like it's in danger of busting open, which would be bad.

The Ugly:


Dear Kelly Preston: It appears that you're wearing a really gorgeous, light and frothy gray jersey dress which ought to skim the body and be sort of ethereal. And it seems as though you've weighed said dress down with heavy black tights and clunky shoes with a wooden sole. Why would you do such a thing? This dress deserves some silvery sandals and bare legs, and we both know it. I can't even look at you right now. Sincerely, Me.

Memory Keeper's Daughter [Lifetime]

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