Lifetime Goes Full QVC With 'Fully Shoppable' New TV Show

Screengrab via Lifetime.
Screengrab via Lifetime.

Ever find yourself watching a home renovation show and thinking, “Damn, wonder where I could get those chevron-striped pillows?” (Marshalls. The answer is always Marshalls.) Struggle no more!


AdWeek reports on A+E’s creation of The Way Home, a new Lifetime program in conjunction with the website Wayfair. Hosts “will discuss how to save time and money during home renovations, with segments focusing on do-it-yourself tips, renovations, design and home makeovers,” and it’s billed as “fully-shoppable.” After each episode—airing Saturdays at 11 a.m., primetime for moms of teens who sleep until 2—you can buy anything you liked that appeared on the show at Wayfair. Literally anything.

Audiences will be able to buy all of the items that appear on The Way Home.

“Everything, from the smallest pieces on set to pieces you see in a makeover in a taped package, is on sale at Wayfair,” Ascher said. After each segment, the hosts will direct viewers to, and the show will have “snipes” and bugs on the bottom third of the screen to drive viewers to the site.

A sampling of the program, via Ad Week:

“We didn’t want this to be solely, hey, here’s a product, and you should buy this. It was all about context and how this can simplify your life,” said A+E Networks executive producer Steve Ascher. Unlike the rest of America, #spon is truly living its best life in 2016.

Of course, I find the bigger problem is finding anything other than the styles that proliferate in places like HGTV. Who will free our nation from this gilded cage of subway tiles and teal accent pieces?

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Saturday at 11am is the worst time for television shows. I know this because i TRY to livetweet The Kitchen every Saturday but it’s always like “Soccer practice, park time, dog needs a walk - SHUT UP KIDS MOM WANTS TO MAKE FUN OF KATIE LEE SO HER 2 FOOD NETWORK TWITTER FRIENDS WILL LAUGH