Lifestyles Of The Rich And Shameless

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Isn't wedding season fucking over already? (Wishful thinking, we know!). Well, the hoity-toity tastemakers over at Conde Nast internet behemoth are still throwing out gift suggestions for the newly-married, and apparently nothing shows a bride just how much she's loved, honored, or cherished than a $18,000 hammock made from fox fur. Awful, we know, but for those with fat enough wallets (or egos) to purchase/request such an item, there's a hidden bonus: The hammock is a double-wide, meaning both bride and groom can laze about like obnoxious assholes!


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can't you just see the look on their faces the day after a massive rainstorm and they forgot to take it back inside?

for some reason i keep thinking it'll draw swarms of mosquitos... something about the fur follicles attracting some kind of blood-sucking parasite...

there's got to be a demand out there for a hammock crafted entirely of shaved human pube fur, no? seems to be a pretty plentiful resource nowadays.