Lifestyles Of The Rich And Heinous

When a story has a headline like "Violence, Viagra And The Truth About The War Of The Tarrants" you know that shit is gonna be good. Chris Tarrant, the host of the UK's Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is in the midst of a nasty split, which is being called "Britain's Worst Divorce." And the play-by-play is in all the papers! Tarrant's wife, Ingrid, found out he had been cheating and wanted 30% of his $68 million fortune. She could have asked for half! But what did Chris do? He offered 20%. And then things got ugly. Ingrid started spilling marriage secrets to the tabloids, including the identity of his girlfriend. Chris retaliated by telling the tabs his wife withheld sex, so he had to have a fling. (The fling lasted seven years, by the way.) Then Ingrid gave an interview to a tab, accusing Chris of being "clumsy and naïve in bed," in spite of using Viagra for four years because he "couldn't get it up." There's so much more.

For example! Chris loves fishing trips, and would often go to bed stinking of carp, says Ingrid. She also claims their arguments turned violent: "I asked if he was having an affair. He turned and belted me in the face," she says. Not to mention, when Chris changed the locks on their gorgeous mansion, Ingrid was forced to bargain-shop!

"When the children and I moved out of the family home, I left everything we owned. The children and I didn't have a bed to sleep on, a TV to watch or an alarm clock to wake us up. We had no plates, knives, forks, spoons or cups. Not even a kettle or a tea bag. What we had accumulated over the past 22 years I had to immediately replace. But I was not extravagant: instead of going to Harrods and Conran, I went to Ikea."


Ingrid wants back in the 8-bedroom manse, because she lives with: "Our children, Sammy and Toby, my daughter Fia at weekends, my son Dexter, his partner Chrissy and my grandson Rhys, who regularly visit, and my stepchildren Helen and Jennifer, who stay with us at Christmas. I also have a live-in help, a dog, three cats, rabbit, guinea pig (all of which Chris disliked), plus three ducklings and four chickens which we recently adopted."

What is it about rich people — does the money make them crazy? It's like an amazing episode of Dynasty, come to life. In fact, we'd like to cast the sure-to-be-proposed award-winning film right now. We see Daniel Craig as Chris and Ellen Barkin (no stranger to messy divorces!) as Ingrid.


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