If you really like purses, and we mean really really REALLY like purses, then head on over to The Purse Blog, which declares frighteningly accurately that 'Shallow Obssessing [is] Strongly Encouraged'.

Still, they certainly know their way around a purse, this lot, they're packed full with shopping advice, links and there's a forum, where you can boast about your couture bargains which is a good thing because now you don't have any money left to go out or eat or whatever, so you can just sit at your keyboard and type your twisted quilted leather love. There appears to be some kind of priviledged access bit in the forum where you can sell each other yesterday's cool purse, but you have to be an 'invited' member. We don't know what that involves, but it's probably some ritual where you eat a preserved relic of Coco Chanel's turd.

And lastly, there's Bag Deals, featuring 'special offers' (and we use the term loosely here) like this:

A Luella Missy Quilte Tote, down from $995 to just $597.

A snip, indeed.

[Purses galore!]