Life & Style tries to Get More Stylish...and Fails.

Who could tell "Who Wears it Best" in this week's Life & Style? In their regular fashion column Paris Hilton apparently wears her Chanel necklace better than Vanessa Minnillo wears her earrings but we'd never know because said necklace is MIA in the photo. Below that we get a comparison of Judith Lieber clutches, both of which are largely obscured by a caption box.

This fabulous fashion work comes from the tab that just axed EIC Debra Birnbaum so they could focus less on life and more on style. Hubert Boehle, Bauer's CEO who described the mag as "the style weekly," tapped new EIC Mark Pasetsky, a p.r. dude with no previous editorial or fashion experience. Hmmm...

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