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Life Is a What Now? The Cast of Cabaret Reunite 40 Years Later

Illustration for article titled Life Is a What Now? The Cast of emCabaret/em Reunite 40 Years Later

What can be said about this morning's Cabaret reunion on the Today Show? Liza Minnelli, Joel Grey, Michael York and Marissa Berenson were all there to celebrate the famed movie-musical's 40th anniversary and something was a little off about the whole situation. Liza wasn't nearly Liza with a Z enough (though major awwws to her Joel Grey-hand clutch), there was no singing (would it have killed them to perform "Maybe This Time" or "Willkommen"?) and Michael York is near-recognizable, but, regardless, it was good to see everybody and hear them talk about a cinema classic known for being both highly political and highly stylish. What do you say, ladies — green manicures to celebrate?


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she would have sang but she had a touch of the dizzies...