This morning, Levi Johnston confirmed on The Early Show that he will definitely show his wang for a pictorial in Playgirl because, "We got to thinkin' we're gonna do it tastefully."

The shoot will take place on November 16 (the same day Sarah Palin will appear on Oprah). Levi added, "I don't want people to look at it as somebody who's getting naked for fame," but then didn't clarify why he's getting naked, if not for fame. But who cares? We get to see him naked! Seriously, he's hot—and he knows it, and enjoys the attention from women. Levi said that when he visits his mother in prison, all the inmates go wild, and hold up signs saying that they want to be his "cougar".

Governor Palin responded to Levi's two-day interview on The Early Show, during which he reconfirmed claims he made in Vanity Fair. Palin said:

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Levi's Going 'Full Johnson' for Playgirl [TMZ]

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