Levi Johnston + Toddlers & Tiaras + Kathy Griffin = Utter Insanity

Kathy Griffin hosted Larry King Live last night, and her guests included pageant kids from T&T, and Levi Johnston, Kathy's Teen Choice Awards date. Levi was funny, but also kinda sad because—like Jordan Catalano—he's hot, but can't read.

Levi talked a little bit of shit on the Palins, saying that "[Sarah] screwed [their relationship] all up," and that he's not looking forward to being around them. Today, Radar posted an interview with Levi, in which he says that the Palins are, in fact, having marital troubles. I think I'm in love with him.

This was perhaps my favorite screen shot ever:

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Later on in the program, Kathy talked with some pageant kids from Toddlers & Tiaras. They taught her how to do their walk, and then she asked them if they wanted her to make a call to Child Protective Services.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Sarah Palin Resigned Due To Marital Troubles, Says Levi Johnston [Radar]
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He's proving himself to be one charming mofo, yes? I love that he's so good at playing along with Kathy.