Tonight, Levi Johnston joined The Insider panel, where he claimed that he has damaging dirt on Sarah Palin. He's pissed that Sarah is trying to keep him from his son, and is using his "insider" information as a power play.

I hope that Levi reveals a lot more in his Playgirl spread than he has in this interview. However, it's interesting that he's the embodiment of karma coming to bite Sarah in the ass. He feels that she used him and threw him away, and is pissed that she's trying to cut him out of his son's life. It's apparent that his intentions aren't malicious: He's just playing the hand that he was dealt in an attempt to avoid parental alienation. Levi said, "If i wanted to hurt 'em, if I wanted to crush 'em, I could. But that's not what i'm tryin' to do." Although he didn't disclose exactly what kind of info he has on Sarah, he did imply that it was something that could destroy her, and that it revolves around her abuse of power as Governor.