Levi Johnston On Being A Gay Icon: "It's Great"

Sarah Palin's near-son-in-law Levi Johnston was on Joy Behar's HLN talk show last night (along with Palin-hating blogger Andrew Sullivan), where he talked about the Palins' frosty home-life, his gay following, and gossip about the governor in his upcoming book.

In the clip above, Joy asks Levi if he believes that Sarah Palin loves him, as she said on Oprah. "Sex on Skates" tells it like it is: "You've seen her on TV so you can tell she's fake if you're paying attention." (Exactly!)


Joy tries to get Levi to say whether he and Bristol ever had sex in the Palin home. He refuses, but the answer is written all over his face. (In fact, don't you think they probably did it in Sarah and Todd's bed?):

Levi "I ain't ever seen a gay guy in Wasilla" is open-minded about his gay icon status: "They're people too. It doesn't matter to me. More fans, it's great":

This kid and his handlers really need to hurry up with Levi's Book of Palin Secrets, but they probably don't have a release date yet because they're seeing if Palin will run for President in 2012, when a book like Levi's would get the most traction (and do the most damage.) Every time Sarah Palin drives me nuts (lately, several times per day) I'm just going to remember that Levi has explosive secrets yet to share. I just hope that kid kept a diary.

Here's the Atlantic's Andrew Sullivan, who has been obsessed with - some would say unhinged over - Sarah Palin and the former Governor's uterus for over a year at this point. He continues his line of questioning as to the circumstances surrounding the labor and delivery of Palin's youngest son, Trig. (All political conspiracy theories apparently start in Dallas.) "No one does that," he says of Palin's choice to fly home to Alaska while in labor. "No one ever does that." (We love it when men assert knowledge and mastery over female reproductive systems!) Then, he summons the wisdom of Judge Judy.


Freddie DeBoer

First of all, I'm really disturbed by the quick impulse of people to allege misogyny without any recourse to specific evidence, and I'm further disturbed by the fact that people are hinting that Sullivan's alleged misogyny is a product of his homosexuality.

Second of all, it has to be at least someone relevant that Sarah Palin has repeatedly involved Trig Palin, his disability and his birth in her political and media career. It is very weird for people to criticize Andrew Sullivan for dragging Trig into all of this when it is, in fact, Trig's mother who has repeatedly done so. If you don't think an infant should be a topic of conversation in politics, I applaud that sentiment, but I suggest you place that blame where it belongs, with the woman who relentlessly pushes her child into the spotlight.