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Letters To The Editor: "Young Tramps At Riverbend"

Illustration for article titled Letters To The Editor: Young Tramps At Riverbend

Moral outrage in Chattanooga! A tipster sent us an exchange from her local paper that contains more disturbing crazy than an "I Saw Your Nanny" public diapering thread! Slut-shaming! Rage! Sin! "Rolls of fat galore!"


Writes the guy whom we'll call "Get Off My Lawn, Tramps!" :

Just from attending Riverbend on Friday night has confirmed to me the way today's youth is either allowed to act, or chooses to act behind parent's backs. The amount of females between the ages of 12-17 that were dressed like street walkers was amazing. I have never seen such young girls looking like tramps in my life. I can only imagine what the repercussions would have been if I were a girl of that age, dressing in that manner, that I would have felt if my parents' would have witnessed it. Even as a young adult, with no children, it was disgusting to me what these "girls" were wearing. Parents, pay more attention to how your children are acting, and maybe the headlines would read a little less disturbing. All America needs are more pedophiles preying on your under-aged children who dress like sluts, and put themselves into vulnerable situations like Riverbend.


Fellow Chattanoogans were quick to join in the discourse. Writes one woman, whom we'll call Teen Rambler, it's not just the alleged "girls" fraying Riverbend's moral fiber!

Some people are writing in complaining for different reasons on the behavior or character of the teens they have seen down at Riverbend. For the record, no, I don't approve of some of the things these children are doing or the way some are dressed. But they are not the only ones showing inappropriate behavior. The majority of adults down there are smoking (and not just cigs), drinking and getting wasted, and a lot of them are dressed worse than some of the teens. So before you start rambling on about the teens, make sure you include all who apply.
...Oh yeah, the kids aren't the only ones fighting either. Everyone that goes to Riverbend needs to act right instead of looking and acting like a bunch of idiots. And one more thing, people get some manners because no one uses any down there.

Luckily, "Good Mom" provides a voice of reason. Well, until she gets onto the "rolls of fat galore" issue.

I am a mother of two teenage girls, and when they went shopping for their outfits to wear to the Strut, I was right there. I would even trust them going by themselves because they know what is appropriate for their age. Now to call these young ladies tramps and sluts is going a little bit too far. They may not have the guidance like others girls. We have to also look at the clothing that is being made today...I saw women and girls who were over weight and had rolls of fat galore (which I have myself) who where inappropriately dressed as well. I get disgusted when I see women who wear low rise jeans showing their butt cracks, tarts, and fat rolls, but I don't call them tramps. They just need some guidance on what is the right thing to wear for their body types...It is true, mothers should pay attention to what their daughters are wearing, but not because of some pervert - if a man is going to rape you, it is a psychological thing. It is not because of how you are dressed. It is about respecting yourself and being presentable. I'm just glad they weren't getting busted for carrying drugs and shooting people.


But then, thank goodness, the citizen whom we'll call "Sonofa" puts his finger on the real culprit.

I blame a lot of the immodesty problem on preachers. Most preachers never open their mouths anymore about sinful immodesty, yet I Timothy 2:9 and Deuteronomy 22:5 are still in my King James Bible. When preaching declines, morals decline. Too many preachers now are more concerned about their paycheck, prestige and popularity than they are about telling the truth. May God give us preachers who aren't afraid to name sin specifically and not just in general.


Well, now that that's resolved! We'll see you at Riverbend - because someone needs to find himself on the a little educatin' - and apparently he'll be there, watching judging the tramps!

Young Tramps At Riverbend - And Response (3) [Chattanoogan]

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Kitty Conner

Oh golly. I dislike nothing more than the hand-wringing about the younger generations and declining morals. It's a silly cycle that's been going on for ages. Probably centuries, or maybe millennia.

You know, those bobby-soxers were pretty scandalous in their day. Oh, and those floozies at the USO dances too!

Yep, the kids today do not wear what we wore, thank god! I'm pretty sure I don't need to see anyone else in a jewel-toned, skin-tight, stretchy velvet dress. Ever.