Letterman Skeezes On Maggie Gyllenhaal's Agent Provocateur Ads

Last night Maggie Gyllenhaal was on Letterman, ostensibly promoting the Dark Knight, which comes out tomorrow. But Dave didn't really let Maggs say much about her performance along Heath Ledger and Christian Bale; he was more fixated on her Agent Provocateur underwear ads. In the clip above, Dave coos over how great she looks in the ads, which were created a mere six months after she gave birth to baby Ramona. "Mission accomplished, nice going," Dave beams, to which Maggie responds pithily, "I am an actress, too." Clip above.

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I love Maggie. She won me over in the craptastic Mona Lisa Smile, where she easily stole every (cliche-ridden) scene. She is one of those actresses where, if she's onscreen, I can't take my eyes off of her.

Plus, I like that she doesn't look exactly like every other actress out there. Lately, I've been having trouble figuring out who's on the cover of a magazine before reading the name, because everyone is airbrushed to look alike. But Maggie is unique and beautiful in a decidedly un-Hollywood way. Can't wait to see her in The Dark Knight!