Letterman Apologizes, Palin Accepts, Iranians Continue To Protest Real Stuff

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  • Following a call from his mom, Dorothy, that she was siding with Sarah Palin, David Letterman made a heartfelt and un-joking apology for his joke last week. Palin accepted, reiterating they both have the right to free speech. [Associated Press]
  • President Obama said that the voices of the Iranian people deserve to be heard, too. [Associated Press]
  • Iran's Guardian Council, which initially delivered President Mahmoud Ahmadenijad his electoral "victory" has agreed to a recount. Note: It hasn't promised not to do it again. [BBC]
  • The potential actual victor, Mir Hossein Mousavi, has attempted to call off a rally in support of him today in an effort to avoid more bloodshed. Pro-Ahmadenijad forces killed 7 of his supporters yesterday. Ahmadenijad flew to Russia to bathe in the acceptance by Russia, China, India and Pakistan of his "victory." [Times]
  • Kim Jong Un, the 26-year-old son of Crazypants Kim Jong Il, was busy visiting China last week in secret meetings to make sure the country won't interfere with his succession. Observers now think that the whole "nuclear standoff" thing is just a ploy to convince people in North Korea that Un is ready to lead by fucking the country up worse and allowing him to "fix" it. Sadly, that makes sense for North Korea. [Times]
  • Related: North Korea has threatened to nuke us. [UPI]
  • Also related: The United States is going to ask nicely to inspect the country's ships for weaponry, which I'm sure is going over really well. [NY Times]
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would like his expanded settlement cookie now that he's sort of conceded to a Palestinian state as long as Palestinians meet some impossible reconditions. [Reuters]
  • By the way, Al Qaeda bigwig Khalid Shaikh Mohammed says he lied in order to stop being tortured. Big fucking surprise. [LA Times]
  • Italy has agreed to take three Guantanamo detainees off our hands. [Associated Press]
  • Obama has promised $73 million in aid to Zimbabwe as soon as we can figure out a way to keep President Robert Mugabe's sticky fingers away from it. [Washington Post]
  • Ted Kennedy's health care reform bill will cost at least $1 trillion over 10 years and leave 37 million Americans without insurance (currently, 45 million go without). So it's like what we have now, only the haves will have more, and the have-nots won't. Team America! [Politico]
  • The White House has dug up a statement in which Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito says his judicial decisions are influenced by his ethnic background. It only took them, what, a month? [Washington Post]
  • The Human Rights Campaign has written a letter to Obama asking him to repudiate the Justice Department brief/full-throated defense of the Defense of Marriage Act, pointing out all the ways in which it denies equal protection under the law to LGBT Americans. [AmericaBlog]


Erin Gloria Ryan

The juxtaposition of the Sarah Palin/Letterman item and the Barack Obama comments on Iran item is pretty stark. It's like the Jonas Brothers opening up for The Rolling Stones.