Today is the shopper's favorite day of the year, the day after Christmas mega sales. Be careful not to lose a limb out there. Though if you are really hardcore, you'd be done already having gotten everything you need by 8am. You'd be better off doing it the lazy way and shopping online. No elbows to dodge and no long lines.

Here's some good deals to be found:

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What better time to be like everyone else and grab some slouchy boots. And you can say you got them from France...'s favorite online shopping site!

Sure, these pants are a little questionable, but it's $23 and Banana. Embrace the cheap.


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Nothing's worse than a bad piece for Christmas. That watch you were gifted would look better on a 12-year than you (Swatch? How declasse!). Get one of these and pretend the other one is in your dresser somewhere...indefinitely.

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