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Let's Talk About the Opening Ceremony

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The 2012 Olympic Games' London Opening Ceremony started at 4 p.m. EST, but for some reason NBC decided to delay the broadcast by over three hours. (NBC is streaming every event besides the opening ceremonies, which pretty much everyone cares about. They haven't explained why. Go figure.) You'll be able to watch them starting at 7:30 p.m. EST.


HOWEVER. Lots of people are already watching in real time, and according to my Twitter feed, shit's pretty crazy. I've been too busy to watch, but apparently (SPOILER ALERT) there's some sort of free health care dance celebration?



(Also, check out these opening ceremony gifs via Buzzfeed!)

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I was watching the Olympics on a streaming site so I didnt catch the later,American version of it. (Suck it,NBC!) So I have to ask;Was Matt Lauer as big of douche people on Twitter made him out to be?

Btw,not sure if anybody has read the Deadspin article about how NBC cut out a whole segment dedicated to honoring Terrorist Victims but that just made me disgusted. Im so glad I was watching the BBC stream.