Let's Talk About Sex(ism)

Well, Julia Keller asked, and Barack Obama seems to have answered: In an interview with ABC News' Jake Tapper today, Senator Obama had this to say about Senator Hillary Clinton and the sexism she's faced (it seems to be a rough transcript so please excuse the punctuation/grammar issues): "No doubt there are certain burdens for Senator Clinton running as a formidable but first time frontrunner as a woman in the same way I've got to deal with some issues as an African American. Ultimately, I think the American people are fair-minded and for those who would not vote for either myself or Senator Clinton because of gender or race there are those who are excited about the prpospects of the first woman or African American. There is no doubt there have been occasions where Senator Clinton has had to overcome particular hurdles and that is a part of the groundbreaking nature of her campaign." [ABC News]


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