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Well, hello, Beys.

Events of great significance are unfolding as I type. The first night of Beyoncé’s Formation Tour is opening in Miami, and she’s got all the shirts.

Look at all the shirts on all the handsome men:


Normally, I hate it when people give the finger in photographs, but tonight is a special night. No one is getting boycotted from that group, if you know what I mean.

Picture yourself in the pit, wearing a Boycott Beyoncé shirt. The excitement is palpable.


You can picture just about any exciting guest making an appearance that you want. Anything is possible tonight. So far, there are reports of DJ Khaled being joined by Rick Ross, Future and Trick Daddy.


They were told to get hyped. Is there a group of people who need to be told that less right now?


He’s there:


I am probably going to keep adding to this all night, because I am playing pretend.

8:39 PM: I’m doing this in the wrong direction I guess, but DEAL WITH IT. Now, WTF is this gonna be for?


8:49 PM: She’s coming:


8:55 PM: She’s here:


Image via Twitter.

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