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Let's have a heated debate!

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Paris HIlton has been a little busy lately. The poor love has been chained to a keyboard pretending to be various brain-damaged loners who actually think she's great!


Witness Lame Layne, from USC:

" I am in love with Paris! I have got to say. Being straight up. i think Paris Hilton is amazingly beautiful. And I would do just about anything for just an hour of her time!! I know that we have been in the same place more than once. I just have not been lucky enough to meet her. Plus her man Matt Leinart is a stud!! Go USC!!"


Hmm. Then along comes Cynthia, from Baton Rouge who would also do anything for an hour with Paris:

"paris hilon is the best person she is my idol i want to be just like her! she is my favorite the world wouldn't be the same ! i love her and i would do any thing to meet her! thats hot!

Followed by her autistic cousin Anonymous:

"Paris hilton is the best girl ever. she cares about animals and donates a lot of money to the poor and the homeless, etc. People should be proud that she's an american because she makes the rest of the world jealous of out country and their inhabitants. She's really confident and makes a good name for women because she knows how to stand up for what she believes in"


Then, realizing that she's coming across as a bit, well, samey, Paris cunningly switches tack. Welcome, Katrina from LA:

"fk u all u jealous fkrs
paris hilton is soooooooo hot n sexy all u ppl wish u could b lyk her. I will definitely b watching da simple lyf 2 see her whoop ugly anorexic nicole richie's ass. N finally stop being jealous just coz she's sexy n can get any guy she wants dun diss her freaks"


Paris Hilton. Author, and master of disguise.

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