Let's Get to the Bottom of This Kyle Richards Psychic Ring-Stealing Drama

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Admittedly, I have not been following the drama surrounding Kyle Richards and a ring that belonged to her mother that she says was stolen from her house in 2017, but I’m happy that Inside Edition sensed my thirst for mediocre tea and delivered in full.


Above, on the left, is Kyle Richards. On the right, Diana French, a 75-year-old retiree whose hands are the hands that Richards saw in an Instagram photo posted by Diane Keaton. I cannot find the photo in question on Keaton’s Instagram, but perhaps it’s because the power of this drama was too strong even for her. Here are the hands, which are worth taking a look at, for they are aspirational to me, personally.

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The ring in question is the big honker on French’s right pinky. According to Diane Keaton, a woman whose testimony I don’t know if I’d trust, she saw the ring on a psychic in Santa Monica, and took the photo. According to French, a woman who I trust only because she has nails like SWV’s Coko and seems to be wearing Essie’s classic Wicked and not just a plain black, she is not a fortune teller or someone who would steal a ring. According to her, Keaton saw her hands wearing the ring at the pharmacy where French worked and took the picture there. Also, French has apparently owned the ring for decades, and only learned of this minor kerfuffle when her twin sister (hello, I’d like to meet her too, thanks), called her and said “Diana, your hand’s on Google.”

French maintains that the ring has been in her family for a long time; according to her, it belonged to her mother who was killed (?) 40 years ago and her father gave it to her sometime after her mother’s untimely passing. She showed the ring’s papers to Inside Edition. She’s been wearing the ring for years. Honestly, I’m inclined to believe her and not Kyle Richards, because I can’t see Kyle Richards wearing this ring, which looks like a beautiful piece of costume jewelry that Kyle Richards would never deign to wear. I #BelieveDiana. [Inside Edition]

Here’s yet another small investigation that deserves maybe three minutes, max, of your attention. Rumor has it that Khloé Kardashian is trending on Twitter. My instinct was just to ignore it, completely, but then I saw this tweet, which certainly makes it look like Khloé walked into a reputable medspa/cosmeceutical emporium and said, “Please, can you give me the late-2019, red carpet Beyoncé?”


Here is the photo in question, which was taken from a blog post at Ipsy, a beauty product subscription box service that has partnered with both Khloé and TikTok individual Addison Rae.


Again, whatever anyone wants to do with their body and face is none of my business and all of theirs, but I do think it would be nice if the Kardashians simply sat back for one month and let all their procedures mellow out for a sec. (Whoever did Khloé’s boobs is an artist, and a magician, and frankly, I’m jealous.) Anyway, that’s all. [Twitter]

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According to her granddaughter’s video, which I’m pretty sure I watched here, it is the ring on her left pinkie finger, not her right.

I may be wrong, but I don’t think Kyle ever accused this woman of actually stealing the ring. The comments I’ve heard from Kyle were that she was excited to find this woman to see if it is actually Kyle’s mother’s ring, and if it is, (1) where did she get it, and (2) would she be willing to sell it to Kyle. I think Kyle’s hope was that finding out where she got it would help Kyle find some of the other pieces.