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Let's Get Ready to Hair Battle!

Illustration for article titled Lets Get Ready to Hair Battle!

Ladies and gentleman, it's fight night and things are about to get hairy. Starting this evening at 10/9c, ten cut-throat stylists are taking it out of the salon and into the ring for a blowout like you've never seen. Hair Battle Spectacular premieres tonight on Oxygen.


A hair battle is kind of like a boxing match, only, you know, fabulous. Ten of the sharpest stylists out there— with names like Cajmonet (pronounced: cash moe-nay) and Fingaz (pronounced: fingaz)— are going head-to-head for a $100,000 prize. But this isn't your typical cut n' dry situation, this is fantasy hair styling. Fantasy hair is like pop art, plus sculpture, plus the weave Lady Gaga goes to sleep dreaming about. Expect each episode of Hair Battle Spectacular to be a total knockout.

Here's your sneek peak of Hair Battle Spectacular, and tune in to Oxygen every Tuesday at 10/9c for all new episodes.

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