Let's face it, dear, the singing thing's kinda over.

Yet again, Britney has shown she's got her finger firmly on the pulse of today, by joining the rest of young Hollywood in rehab. Good luck with that Britney, it clearly worked for Nicole Richie Lindsay Lohan, um, Tara Reid?

But we're kind of disappointed that she chose a clinic in LA, when she could have gone here:

"It has been called the most successful rehabilitation programme in the world.

It takes four years to graduate from the Delancey Street foundation
The Delancey Street Foundation in San Francisco puts hardened criminals - including thieves and murderers - in charge of their own recovery and it doesn't take a penny in grant money from the United States government.

Instead the residents support themselves - and each other - by running a string of businesses including a gourmet restaurant."


You see Brit? Double bonus! You get to sort your head out, and afterwards, you can re-open NYLA!

Britney in rehab. Good luck with that one, hon. [NY Daily News]

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