This Sunday, Giants quarterback Eli Manning faces off against Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in the Super Bowl (the rest of the teams will face off, too, I think — I don't know anything about football [Ed: Yes.]), but who cares about that? Let's talk about their wives Abby Manning and Gisele Bundchen, the "First Ladies of Football." Though Abby Manning is a down-home sweetheart from Tennessee and Gisele is a supermodel from the ocean, GMA would like you to know that the two ladies have quite a bit in common. Did you know that both have worn white and purple? And both have had babies? Have you done either of these things? If yes, then you might be a professional quarterback's wife.

GMA didn't mention some other important shared details of the First Wives of Football's lives, but Jezebel, as always, has you covered.

  • Both Abby and Gisele appear to have faces and teeth.
  • Both women sleep in caves.
  • Though only Gisele grew up in a foreign country, both claim to have learned English from watching Perfect Strangers episodes.
  • It is both of their jobs to make their husbands look good, except for Gisele who was famous long before she married Tom Brady.
  • Both have strange heart anomalies: While Gisele's heart is the heart of a robot, no one has ever seen Abby's heart or even heard it beating.
  • During the Superbowl, both ladies will engage in a Hunger Games-esque fight to the death, aired to a small audience on UPN. Good luck, girls!

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