In August, she posted again on Instagram, from vacation with boyfriend Guthy—the same week news dropped that she was definitely involved with her parent’s fraudulent admissions activities. In a memo sent to the judge in their case from Assistant U.S. Attorney Justin O’Connell, he claimed that Mossimo and Loughlin “involved both their daughters in the fraud, directing them to pose in staged photographs for use in fake athletic profiles and instructing one daughter how to conceal the scheme from her high school counselor.” A few days later, on August 21, both Mossimo and Loughlin were sentenced to jail.

Jade hasn’t posted on Instagram since.

Come September, sources told Us Weekly that “Olivia and Bella have been rattled by the proceedings,” adding, “They have been focusing more on family and not seeing friends as much.” That same week, Jade was photographed with Kylie Jenner as they left a party at 40 Love in West Hollywood, surrounded by spectators and photographers. As Page Six now reports, this was also the same week that boyfriend Guthy was arrested—three days before this party, to be exact, on September 7. Then, on September 12, she told Instagram followers that she had an eye infection due to not wiping off her makeup the night before.


She was spotted again over the weekend, at a house party in the Hills, after being photographed with Guthy at Los Angeles hotspot Delilah. She wore her best high ponytail and satin bomber—and a mask, most notably—as Us Weekly reported that Mossimo and Loughlin prepared for their looming wellness sabbaticals-slash-prison sentences. She also turned 21 this week, on September 28. Fitting then, that she attended said party looking so luxe and casual. Let’s all pitch in and wish Miss Jade a happy belated birthday, and best wishes on her YouTube channel and influencer career!

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