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Election got you feeling a little worn out, like you just wanna run away from it all? Same, same. Luckily there’s a little town in Nevada currently for sale with a price tag of just $8 million. It’s got an airstrip, a motel, a diner, and a casino—all of life’s basic essentials, in other words.


That’s according to NPR, reporting from Cal-Nev-Ari:

It’s all thanks to the couple that found this place 51 years ago: Nancy Kidwell and her late husband, Slim.

“There was nobody here but Slim, me, our dog and a cat,” Nancy Kidwell says.

This was once a dusty airstrip — an abandoned military runway.

They put in a well and built a casino and nobody came—until they started marketing it as the “first fly-in casino town in the state.” Which is very Nevada. Nowadays there’s about 350 residents, many of them retirees and pilots. Oh, and about them: “The pilots in town have prop planes parked in their driveways. The dirt roads in town are wide enough to taxi planes from driveways to the runway.”

But Nancy is now 78 years old, and she’s tired of running the joint. (“She’s a hell of a gal,” one local informed NPR correspondent Danny Hajek.) She’s ready to relax, so she’s entertaining offers.

Let’s definitely buy this town.

Photo via Shutterstock. Not actually Cal-Nev-Ari.

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