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Let's Be Honest Barry; He Kept On Playing Games And The Loving Was Not The Same

Illustration for article titled Lets Be Honest Barry; He Kept On Playing Games And The Loving Was iNot/i The Same
  • Barack Obama rejected/denounced his old friend Jeremiah Wright on television today on the advice of certain wise commenters and also prominent columnists and locking in a critical majority of my family members. Watching it was less fun than watching him shake the dirt off his shoulder but as Jigga would say "so necessary." [Wonkette]
  • So the question remains: why the fuck did Jeremiah Wright give all those damaging, yammering unyielding undermining speeches? Newt Gingrich thinks he's just jealous. [ABC News]
  • Though maybe he was just testing God? [Chicago Tribune]
  • And Barack Obama finally de-friended him...only after consulting some cynical pollsters? Take it from a Republican. []
  • An African-American studies professor from a long line of Mormons wishes Mitt Romney was around so everyone else could be reminded how tame black liberation theology is next to some of the fun ideas Joseph Smith had. [TheRoot]
  • There are a ton of conflicting poll numbers I could treat you with today but I'm going with the one discussed in this story because I'm sick of clicking on new windows and it concerns Indiana and because I'm biased, so kill me. [Indy Star]
  • And here, anyone offended by my bias... [SayNoToCrack]
  • Awkward segue alert! A teen FLDS member just gave birth to another inbred child of what was probably at the very least statutory rape, if the mother had any idea of her actual age. [AP]
  • WHICH five IMF members did not vote in favor of giving more voting rights to developing countries? No really, which? [WSJ]

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I write this at work at 2:25 PDT with the hope that Moe posts something about this Wright/Obama debacle. Plus I can look busy without having to hide the Jezebel screen colors, particularly that Scarlet heifer who keeps popping up giving the lusty eyeball to my bosses.

Earlier today, I said I hoped Obama defended Rev. Wright's right, if not wisdom, to express himself. He did…somewhat. My heart is a little broken, though, because I wish Obama had figured out a way to fix this to everyone's satisfaction. Of course, that's not possible, but I try to keep hope alive. 'S'why I support Obama.

I watched all of Wright's Press Club appearance and though was I his agent I'd have asked him to tone down the Round The Way, there was much to what he said that I found value in. Do I believe that the US designed AIDS to eliminate a race of people? No, I don't, but I sincerely believe if those who lied to me about a war, who circumvented law to tap my phone, who circumvented further law to hold human beings without legal representation and torture them and is probably reading this right now, wanted to do any goddamn thing they wished, they would. I'm not sure I see the line between what's been already achieved and what is incomprehensible.

I saw or heard nothing racist in what Wright has said or did say yesterday or during the incidents in controversy and I've made sure to see them all. But even were his statements racist, the unmitigated glee with which that term as applied to him has been bandied about, is unnerving, like calling a black man a racist proves something dark and sinister in the black soul too. But can't we all just get along? Yeah, we can, but just so you know I know you know I know, I've got racists staring at me from my money. So if I give you the "racist" tag, will you take Jefferson off the bill, and I can buy my Bare Escentuals with Sojourner Truth's face instead? And then I can forget and forgive and be pretty, all at the same time. I am being flip but I hope you get my point.

And here is the dilemma. I want Obama to be president, but at what price? Wright basically said that Obama "denounced" him because that's what politicians do, which accusation pulled the pole from Obama's main tent; that his was not a candidacy of politics as usual. Cutthroat, huh? Perhaps Obama doesn't see the above about Wright the same way I see it because I'm older than he is and carry that which I can't shed, which is okay. I can't be so vain as to think I have the perfect way for Obama to handle this. I'm tapped. But I wish it had been a way that didn't make ALL that Wright said suspect.

Thanks SR. I'll shut up now.