Let's Analyze President Obama's New Pinterest Account

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President Obama's campaign announced yesterday that they've gotten the Pinner-In-Chief his own Pinterest account. And while I bet Barack Obama's got some totally cute DIY wedding flower ideas, this move makes sense in light of what appears to be the President's reelection strategy: personally befriend every woman in America.


The President's got eight boards set up so far, and while they tend to lean political, they don't deviate as far from the "desserts n' shoes" formula that's skyrocketed the site into the pantheon of ladyhood (to wit, the image above comes from the President's recipe board). One board showcases pictures of the First Family. Others highlight "Obama-inspired" recipes (Leno joke: the ingredients are imported!), campaign merchandise including Barack Obama sweatpants (Yes We Can refuse to leave the couch today), and, interestingly, one board that contains pictures of adorable domesticated pets with pro-Obama slogans emblazoned across the images, which may be a totally unsubtle reminder to the average American ladyvoter that Mitt Romney once strapped the family dog to the roof of his car on a drive to Canada.

The Romney Dog Torture alluded to by the Pet Lovers for Obama pinboard is the only place where the account goes remotely negative. Otherwise, like most Pinterest accounts, it's all chalkboards and softly lit Instagram photos of candlelit cookies. Not like a theoretical Dick Cheney Pinterest account, which would contain one board that consisted only of pictures of laughing young adults called "People Who May Someday Die Tragically, Leaving Me Their Youthful Hearts." Or a Rick Santorum Pinterest account, which we all know would be entirely soft core gay porn and ultrasound images.

It seems that thus far in the campaign, the Obama camp is banking on two assertions they hope will win the election in the fall: establish that the President is no Luddite, and showing women that the President doesn't hate them. With this new social media presence, it appears Obama's killed two birds with one stone. One stone tied smartly with a polka dotted ribbon accompanied by a caption that reads, simply, "So cute!"

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OMG the sutble snarkiness of some of the merchandise is amazing...I might even buy something. The mug taking a jab at birthers made me chuckle. And the look on POTUS's face in the marshmallow cannon pic needs to be a meme, like, yesterday.