Let's All Think of Some Fun, Tight Things About ISIS for Joyce Carol Oates

Joyce Carol Oates, also known as @JoyceCarolOates, also known as the #1 self-parody account on Twitter, has posed a trenchant question about the Islamic State: Is there nothing FUN & TITE about this metastasizing global death cult?


Is it really just torture, rape, mutilation, civilian death threats, forced conversions, beheading, kidnapping, slavery, suicide, capital punishment, public executions, mass executions, child soldiers taught to murder on dolls, destruction of religious sites and religious extremism so vile that Al-Qaeda successfully compares as moderate?


You know who’d probably agree with that very bland truism? ISIS.

Well, or—the promise that you alone are righteous, and that God has ordained you to murder the rest of the world based on this righteousness, and that you’ve got sex slaves on earth and their equivalent in heaven, etc, etc. Is there nothing joyous about ISIS, Joyce Carol Oates? As David Weiner points out, some of the men seem pretty happy.

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I know about “fremdschämen”, but there needs to be an even stronger word for this.