A new study finds that on a list of careers in which one finds job satisfaction, a big shot CEO may be first, but hairdressers are second — above doctors, lawyers, and teachers, reports the Daily Mail. Says celebrity stylist Nicky Clarke, "A client comes in with an unruly thatch and at the end of the appointment they are smiling." The survey says that workers who were well paid, had supportive colleagues and were able to express themselves on the job were those most satisfied with their professions. "Hairdressing is a very sociable profession," Clarke explains. "Clients share their life and intimate details with us - we become their confidantes - in a way that does not happen in other jobs". Unfortunately, other jobs often held by women didn't do so well. "Careers in household services, childcare, secretarial services and leisure and travel services have all proved less satisfying since the last survey," the article states. Better time-travel back to fifth grade, when braiding one another's hair was the highlight of the day! [DailyMail]