Do you have tons of money and questionable taste? Do you enjoy wine and granite countertops and outdoor swimming pools full of desperation residue? Then why not rent the house made famous on this season of The Bachelor?!

The Sonoma, CA house, with the Barbie playset-happy name of Vineyard Knoll is up for grabs for the lucky adventurer with a sense of romance and no sense of style. It will set you back $2,100 per night, or $13,225 per week. If you want to go bananas, the place is available for an entire month for only $35,225. The 4,800 square foot house has 6 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, and thousands of secrets. Sleeps 12 comfortably! If you got a dozen people together and each of you paid an equal portion of the month's rent, you'd only be on the hook for $2,935.42 apiece. It's practically a bargain.


But more concerning than the fact that somewhere in the world (Russia) a person might exist who would pay this much to live on the former set of a reality TV show is the fact that once again, TV has lied to us. While they didn't expressly come right out and say that this wasn't Bachelor Ben's house, the show sort of implied it. The contestants flew off to Sonoma and rolled up to this house and a timid, kind of nerdy dude with a center part bounds up to them wearing a shirt with sleeves someone else rolled for him, talking about how they were in his "hometown." I guess I assumed that if they were in his "hometown," they might also use his "house." But no. Like the tans, the hair, and the feelings, the "home"-ness was also fake.

I don't even believe in love anymore.

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