Let's All Eat Glitter and Join Kesha's Kat Kult

Apparently, Kesha would like to start a cat cult. Of course she does. Nothing could be more perfect!

The other night on Rising Star, the umpteenth gazillion singing competition on American television, one of the contestants divulged that she'd been born into a cult. Kesha's response, according to the Hollywood Reporter, was to confess she'd always wanted to run a cult. She elaborated on the nature of her proposed cult in a brief chat with E! afterward:

"So I've always wanted to have a cult, I think I could be a pretty good cult leader basically. I'm sorry, I do," Kesha explains to us. "So I'm going to start a cult and people can be in it if they like to be cats or play with cats or play with cat toys."


"You have to eat a little bit of glitter. It's mixed in with cat litter. It's part of the process," Kesha added re: the initiation. Fair enough, Kesha. Your cult, your rules.

This prompts a lot of questions. First of all: Why hasn't Taylor Swift already beaten Kesha to the punch? TSwizzle is basically the world's most highly visible cat lady.

Unless... Taylor Swift ALREADY has her own cat cult, dedicated to the principles of structure and cute and vintage print dresses. (She maintains strict secrecy, of course, because I'm pretty sure nobody crosses Swift and lives.) Kesha's cat cult, on the other hand, will be a more anarchic affair, full of yowly ferals. Sacred objects in Taylor Swift's cat cult: holy lint rollers. In Kesha's kat kollective: sanctified hairballs. It's the eternal struggle between order and chaos, distilled to its most pure, cat-crazed forms.


Choose your allegiance, mortals.

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