This orphaned walrus really likes to cuddle, which is good new s for him because that trait will make him extra attractive to a family looking to adopt a walrus from the walrus store. Oh, who am I kidding — there's no such thing as a walrus store...yet. Lovable as this particular sea mammal seems, Alice in Wonderland has forever ruined walruses for me, so I can't really enjoy this latest wave of animal videos, but don't let that stop you or anything.


via Buzzfeed

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Awh, now I REALLY want a pet walrus. It reminds me of my one cat, though. She's a very lovely and sweet but quite stupid cat, and if she wants something, she runs up to it on the tips of her paws as fast as she can and then headdesks it. If she wants "outside," she runs up to a window and smooshes her forehead against it (even though she's an indoor cat). If she wants sleep, she will just suddenly plunk her head down on the bed (even if she's still sitting normally). When she wants food, you guessed it. Food flies everywhere as she bonks her head right down into it.

The best part is when it comes to snuggles, though. She'll run right up to me and smoosh her head on my leg and just stay there, as if on pause.