Let the Mad Men Madness Begin

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It's been so long in the making (17 months to be precise), that it's hard to believe that it's finally happening. But the Season Five premiere of Mad Men is really here. So many of our burning questions are about to be answered: Is Don married? How's business at SCDP? What does Joan's baby look like? (Fingers crossed it's not the spitting image of Don Draper...) And, of course, what has our beloved Peggy been up to?


By now you're probably in your best dress or suit and ready to rock n' roll, but if you need a quick refresher before the opening theme song rolls, head over here. And, of course, be sure to tell us what you're loving, hating, and finding shocking in the comments. Do remember it's a two-hour premiere, so pace yourselves on the cocktails and snacks if you want to still be awake by the end. And now, without further ado, heeeeere's Draper!


sweet cuppin' cakes

Is it just me, or is this premiere not all that exciting? Like, it just feels like a mid-season regular episode...