Let’s Guess the Title of Reese Witherspoon’s Forthcoming Memoir about ‘Southern Living'

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Hey y’all! Reese Witherspoon, the Academy Award-winning actress, avid reader, and founder of the dreadfully boring Southern-inspired lifestyle brand Draper James, is writing a book! She “has a deal with Touchstone for a lifestyle book based on her upbringing in Tennessee” that’s due out in 2018.


Writes the AP:

In a statement released through Touchstone, Witherspoon said the book was a “unique opportunity” to tell funny stories and provide hints on her idea of “Southern living.” According to the publisher, the book will feature photographs and personal essays and will tell how all women can draw upon the South’s “signature style, grace and charm.”

So it’s part memoir, and part extension of her lifestyle brand? Sounds like a bestseller to me! I can’t wait to see dozens of celebrities pose alongside it in their Instagram photos in 18 months with captions like,
“My girlie @ReeseWitherspoon’s book was published today! So proud of her for sharing her life...and her sweet tea vodka recipe ;) Buy it!

Though no title has been announced yet, I have a few guesses:

  • Hey Y’all, Read My Memoir!
  • To Belle and Back
  • Sweet Tea and Me
  • Southern Reesepitality
  • Do You Know My Name?
  • Livin’ It Up, Way Down South
  • Southern Fried Reese
  • Reese: A Life As Beautiful As the Morning Dew On a Magnolia Blossom Growing Proudly On the Bank of the Great Mississippi In Our Nation’s Promised Land
  • Reese: An American Citizen and I’m Allowed to Stand On American Ground and Ask You Any Question I Want To Ask
  • Living With Witherspoon
  • Oh, The Places Careers Go!
  • I’m Pregnant and I Need To Go To the Bathroom
  • A Lot About the South Is Just Fine!
  • From Belle to L.A.: A Memoir About Mason Jars, Willow Trees, Checkered Tablecloths, Lemonade, Sweet Potato Pie, and Everything Else That Prevents Us From Focusing On The Unpleasant Stuff
  • Southern Living, Selectively
  • The Draper James Company Handbook
  • An Obvious Extension of My Fairly Recent Personal Rebranding: The Book

What do y’all think it’ll be called?

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