'Lesboterrorist' Raps Instructions On How to Give Yourself an Abortion

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Elective abortion is illegal in most Mexican states. But because it has other medical uses besides pregnancy termination, misoprostol — the drug used in inducing medicinal abortion — is not. Now, one ballsy-as-hell self-anointed "lesbo terrorist" rapper aims to educate women on how to self-abort.


Luisa Velázquez, aka "Menstruadora" (Spanish for menstrator — oh my fucking god this woman rules), tells Fusion she released the instructional track after she learned that pro-choice activists in Guanajuato were distributing how-to literature on abortion to women who had no other options besides carrying their pregnancies to term.


Here's a sample of some of the lyrics, translated into English for the monolingual among us:

This is a rap for abortions,
it'll work for 8 out of 10,
you can try it, it's effective;
are we all ready?
We will abort!

Misoprostol is the name of the medicine,
You can get it without a prescription at pharmacies;
Remember this is a right for you;
And this is a feminist song for me

Eventually the song encourages lesbianism.

And now your body will liberate
After some symptoms: happiness
Let's abort, we will abort
patriarchy will not dominate us

Let's abort, we will abort
patriarchy will not dominate us

Necesitoabortar [Ineedtoabort] tumblr dot com
Check symptoms carefully
Abortions with medicine are a great option
Read carefully and you will have a solution

To be honest, I more than abort
I recommend lesbian sex to fly
Pleasure without end and without drawdowns
I'm just saying, I'm just saying, to consider


Someone fetch the Mexican equivalent of Rick Santorum (and, hell, American Rick Santorum) some smelling salts. That's some heavy shit.

As Fusion's Jorge Rivas points out, self-abortion with misoprostol can have adverse and dangerous effects, and it's landed several women in the hospital. But this should serve as a real world example of what happens when abortion is restricted to cases of rape and incest (and when rape victims must receive special court dispensation to have an abortion that isn't always granted). Under draconian abortion restrictions, women won't suddenly decide they want to carry unplanned and unwanted pregnancies to term; they will become desperate and resort to desperate, dangerous measures.


Like taking medical advice from a rap song.

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Licorice Lain

Lesbian sex makes her fly? Now there is a comic I'd read.