Lesbians Crowned "Best Couple" By Peers • More Details Released In Cat Killer Case

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• Let's start with a feel good story today: High school seniors Vikky Cruz and Deoine Scott were voted best couple at their Bronx school, beating out the two opposite-sex couples in the running by a landslide. •


• Almost 90% of the South Korean teachers surveyed in a recent study said that there needs to be something done to keep the gender imbalance of female-to-male teachers in check. The respondents (which were, strangely enough, mostly male) felt that the lack of male teachers is leading to problems in teaching and counseling students. • A teacher from Maine has officially apologized after he played the groom in a mock wedding with a fourth grade student. Having nothing better to complain about, parents called the school to express their distress over the playground game. • The online journal PLoS Medicine has released a report on the Centre for Vulnerable Women and Children in Mumbai, which offers service to women and children in crisis. The article can be viewed in its entirety here. • A large scale study found that pregnant woman who undergo certain invasive tests may lower their risk of miscarriage. Although researchers believe that the tests affect the rate of miscarriage, there is no evidence about women who have not undergone the procedures. • According to the ladies over at Feministing, the first ever women-run pharmacy in North America (located in Vancouver) has an unfortunate policy of excluding transwomen, a decision it justifies by the presence of a nearby health clinic for trans people. • The New York Times reports that although congenital adrenal hyperplasia, a hormonal disorder that can cause infertility, is easy to treat, many fertility centers do not perform the simple blood test for the disease, and some doctors are unaware of its effects on fertility. • Snuggie, the backwards bathrobe that became a pop cultural phenomenon last winter, will be back in September with more sizes and colors. How long do you think they can ride the popularity wave born from almost incessant parodying? • Tyler Weinman, the 18-year-old accused of killing 19 cats in Florida, reportedly laughed at police during questioning, before he proceeded to excitedly describe the process of dissecting cats for class. Police also said that he was eager to show off the scratches on his body, which he said he got from his neighbor's cat. More horrible details here. •


Parents or guardians of Tyler Weinman:

Please read the book written by Jeffery "chilhood squirrel torturer" Dahmer's dad. Then get your son serious mental health oversight and keep him the fuck away from people and animals until his shit is sorted out (possibly forever).

Thank you,

Civilized Society