Lesbian Cadet Won't Be Readmitted To West Point (Yet)

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West Point has declined to readmit Katherine Miller, who famously withdrew from the school rather than continue closeted. That's because no one knows when Don't Ask Don't Tell's repeal will take effect.


Miller, whose account of her experience at West Point we republished here, and who accompanied Lady Gaga to the VMAs (seen here), has since enrolled at Yale.


Gay servicemembers are in a strange, in-between time, as repeal won't officially go into effect 60 days after the president and top military brass sign off on an assurance that it won't hurt military readiness. It's not clear why Miller sought readmission before that happened, unless it was to prod the process forward.

West Point Rejects Readmission Of Lesbian Cadet Over Don't Ask, Don't Tell [AP]

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