In a delightful Valentine’s Day gesture that makes me searingly jealous, Leonardo DiCaprio planted a smooch on Dame Maggie Smith’s noble cheek during the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards. The impetus—not that one was really necessary, hello—was the “BAFTA Kiss Cam” introduced at this year’s ceremony.


As host Stephen Fry explains in the clip, “One of the wonderful things [America] has given the the kiss cam...It’s Valentine’s Day, and it’s up to you out there. So which two lovebirds will our Valentine heart embrace?”

Then, as E! Online reports, a camera panned the audience, encircling a variety of duos. Stanley Tucci and Cuba Gooding Jr. exchanged tender kisses—Gooding Jr. aiming directly for Tucci’s baby-smooth scalp—and Bryan Cranston and Julianne Moore were predictably adorable and attractive. But who or what could possibly compare with the opportunity to demonstrate one’s affection for a literal earth-dwelling goddess?


E! Online notes that “the Downton Abbey star seemed [so] pleasantly surprised that she leaned in for a hug after the fact. Can you blame her?”

That commentary, my buddies, is utterly wrong-headed. An embrace from Maggie Smith almost certainly guarantees immortality, and I hope that Leo showed sufficient appreciation. Though, kissing the Dame’s hemline mid-ceremony might have been a bit tricky.

Here’s hoping for a photo of Leo and Maggie vaping together at the afterparty.

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