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Lena Dunham's Next HBO Show Is About a Bergdorf Goodman Personal Shopper

Illustration for article titled Lena Dunhams Next HBO Show Is About a Bergdorf Goodman Personal Shopper

Lena Dunham and her Girls co-showrunner, executive producer Jenni Konner, have plans to write a new HBO series about Bergdorf Goodman personal shopper and notable Manhattanite Betty Halbreich called "All Dressed Up And Everywhere To Go."


From Deadline:

At age 85, Halbreich is still running her Bergdorf-based personal shopping service, which she launched in 1976. She has been the dresser and confidante of three generations of Manhattan socialites and stars including Joan Rivers, Meryl Streep, Sarah Jessica Parker, Katie Couric and Glenn Close. Additionally, she works with top Manhattan stylists and has consulted for movies and TV shows, including helping design the signature look for HBO's Sex And The City and capture the New York style of the early Woody Allen films. Halbreich is known as much for her unparalleled eye for fashion as she is about her unpretentious attitude and tart one-liners. The brassy Chicago native's manner has been described as "part Angela Lansbury and part Lucille Ball." Her memoir is said to provide behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of high fashion, as well as inspiration for women from all backgrounds.


Meh, sounds more like a Bravo reality show concept than an HBO series to me, and not one I'd particularly want to watch. But perhaps it'll be interesting to see how Dunham handles the voice of another generation.


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I see that the accomplishments and talents of an 85 year old woman are not interesting to the author ... Me, I can't want to see this show.