Lena Dunham's New Doc Will Be About a Tailor for the LGBTQ Community

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Lena Dunham is crafting a new HBO documentary about a tailor for the LGBTQ community called Bindle & Keep.

Back in July, I wrote about LGBTQ shoppers having a hell of a time finding clothes that fit properly. In addition shopping itself being a needle in a haystack experience, sometimes when trans women and men entered places like a bra or a menswear store, they are turned away because they aren't anatomically female or male.


Bindle & Keep, run by Daniel Friedman and the focus of Dunham's new documentary, seeks to fix problems like these with bespoke suits for transgender clientele. Friedman says he was surprised a “heavy hitter” like Dunham was interested in his niche shop. From Vanity Fair:

The company’s client list is stocked with fascinating people—from those needing individualized styling for gay-marriage ceremonies to high-profile members of the popular Netflix series Orange Is the New Black. And Friedman’s personal narrative is gripping in its own right. An architect who seven years ago suddenly and mysteriously lost the ability to read and write, Friedman found himself unable to find gainful employment. Desperate, he worked toward developing his hand and visual skills, and used them to start making custom clothing. Only recently did he find an explanation. While casually repeating his story during a fitting, a customer burst out a possible diagnosis, “Daniel, you’ve got Lyme disease.”

So the film will follow not only the store, but Friedman’s personal life including his struggles with his health. He’s also got plans to launch new Bindle & Keep locations, which is headquartered in New York City, to San Francisco Bay Area, Washington D.C., and Toronto.

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Wait...WHAT? Lyme disease can cause you to lose the ability to read and write? Also, that is only a POSSIBLE diagnosis and not definitely the one? No one followed up with that? I feel like I need this article to talk more about the "mysteriously and suddenly lost his ability to read and write" aspect of this guy's backstory.