New York can be quite a shock to the system, especially when you're young, broke, and guided by the notion that you just might be the voice of your generation. Taking it in stride and dispensing Woody Allen-worthy one-liners along the way is Hannah, a 24-year-old NYC newbie played by director, producer, writer, and current zeitgeist geiger counter for millennials, Lena Dunham.

Girls follows Hannah and her posse as they navigate the thrillingly turbulent/utterly rudderless post-liberal-arts-B.A. years in the big city. They ponder such questions as: "If a guy I'm sleeping with never texts me back, is he my boyfriend?" and "How long can I survive without eating lunch?" They also do their best to fend off "expert advice" and withering comments from bosses, parents, and gynecologists alike. Sample exchange:

Life Expert: "I could change the world, one extremely dumb girl at a time. And when I look at you, I see a pupil."

Hannah: "Thank you."

Executive produced by Judd Apatow, Girls also stars Jemima Kirke (of Dunham's Tiny Furniture; Simon's daughter (Google it!)), Allison Williams (Brian's daughter), and Zosia Mamet (of Mad Men; David's daughter) as Hannah's BFFs Jessa, Marnie, and Shoshanna, and Adam Driver (of J. Edgar) as Adam, the egregiously sexy non-texter.


Make a best-girls-and-beers date with the Dunham-written and -directed series premiere of Girls, this Sunday, April 15, at 10:30 PM—only on HBO.